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James Walsh

About Charm City Karate in Timonium, MD

Meet James Walsh

Owner and Chief Instructor at
Charm City Karate in Timonium
6th Degree Black Belt

At Charm City Karate we're a family friendly, Kenpo Karate school with the communities best interest at heart. We firmly believe that everyone can start their journey to a black belt regardless of your starting point or perceived limitations.

Modern teaching methods are combined with traditional karate values and epic self-defense moves to give you and your family the best experience possible. Kenpo is fast paced, focused on striking, and will improve hand-to-eye coordination quickly.

You'll get in amazing shape, have a boost in self-confidence, and make tons of new friends!

Robust class offerings are perfect for adults, kids, and those with special needs! Whether you're looking to improve your own physical fitness, take your martial arts skills to the next level, or see your children thrive in a new environment we'll work with you to meet your goals.

We're also one of the first schools to have a series of classes dedicated to children with Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Special Needs.

Adults have a fun, social atmosphere while learning practical self-defense martial arts or waiting for their children to finish class. Be sure to read all about our specific class on our site and take advantage of the amazing web special currently being offered.

To get a better feeling for the vibe of our school, please read our owner's bio below. Don't hesitate to call or email should you have questions or want to set up a facility tour. We can't wait to training with you and set you on the path to black belt success!

James Walsh, Owner/ Head Instructor

Mr. James Walsh is a 6th degree Black Belt and has been teaching for over 22 years. He studied Kenpo Karate under Mr. Joe Palanzo from 1991 until 2000, receiving his first Black Belt from Mr. Palanzo in 1997, and has owned and operated Charm City Karate since 2000.

Mr. Walsh performs many community demonstrations and school presentations. Not only an accomplished martial artist on the tournament circuit during the 1990's Mr. Walsh also has been a Coach and Head Referee for many Black Belt demonstration and fighting competition teams.

Mr. Walsh holds certifications from the Worldwide Kenpo Karate Association (former Instructor); CDTTM (as a former Tactical Master Instructor); the International Fast Defense Association (former Instructor); and in Tom Patire's Last Resort TacticsTM (former Instructor).

Mr Walsh is also the first Instructor to offer a recognized martial arts class for Autistic and Special Needs children.He is also the host of the popular CharmCityKarate YouTube channel.

How To Get Started

Come join our Timonium, MD Martial Arts facility! We offer programs in Birthday Parties, Adult Martial Arts, Kids Martial Arts, Spectrum Program, and Summer Camps. Choose a program that most interests you and have the opportunity to sign-up right here on our site for one of our awesome web specials. Or feel free to give us a call at 410-628-4994 if you have any further questions. Charm City Karate hopes to speak with you soon!

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