Kenpo for Adults

Charm City Kenpo Karate is a modern martial arts school, not a stone-age dojo.

Our karate school is well know in the Baltimore and Cockeysville area for being the best place to learn self defense, because of our quality of instruction, innovatitve style, and excellent martial arts.

People study martial arts for a variety of reasons - from reducing stress, increasing flexibility, building strength, gaining confidence, improving focus, to having fun and making new friends. And, of course the most important reason - to learn self defense. Learning how to protect yourself is the most important and most common reason given in these crazy times.

At Charm City Kenpo Karate, we reinforce our excellent curriculum with exciting drills and awesome custom seminars designed specifically for the needs and desires of our clients. Our instructors have expansive training and experience in real-world self defense, from non-deadly force to adrenal stress training, and they use this to tailor our programs.

The practical focus of Kenpo and our instructors makes Charm City Kenpo Karate ideal for anyone looking to learn how to defend themselves in the modern day, especially women. Typical self-defense classes that are taught to women involve outdated, un-realistic moves. Kenpo has been proven many times on the streets, and the coordination and flexibility of women is an asset in martial arts.

Unlike health clubs, the programs at Charm City Karate focus on the individual - you will receive personal attention in every class. Kenpo is designed to adapt to YOU, not you to IT!

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Young Adult Program

Our Young Adult and Teen program is designed to fit students who are too mature for the kids karate classes, but are not yet ready to work with adults. It is largely the same as the Adult Kenpo program, with allowances made for a teenagers need for socialization and emerging physical and mental changes.

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